Best Snowboard Boots 2017 – ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2

Best Snowboard Boots 2017 – ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2

Best Snowboard Boots 2017 – ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2


ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2 Snowboard Boots Specs – Best Snowboard Boots 2017

Let’s quickly review the best snowboard boots 2017 – The ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2. Have you ever wished that your snowboard boots were as light as your skate shoes? If so, then look no further than the ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2! These snowboard boots are crazy light! Say goodbye to your old, heavy boots and your tired legs. The overall fit is great and custom modeled to help with overall comfort and support. Not to mention, ThirtyTwo has also added a special foam heel pod and arch support to help with impact protection. Lastly, they also added a killer neoprene toe cap to help to reduce too much toe pressure at the front of the boot. This snowboard boot delivers in a major way!

  • Super light weight design with the best fit for every size
  • Custom molded foam for comfort, warmth and support
  • Molded heel cradle and arch support
  • Foam heel pod for maximum impact protection and heel support
  • 100% Heat mold-able foam for a custom fit
  • Neoprene toe cap to reduce toe pressure
  • Dual power wrap Velcro cuff closure

ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2 Video

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