Best Motivational Sports Quotes by Top Athletes

Given the competitive atmosphere of any sport, its not surprising that some of the most famous athletes in every genre have had some motivational and inspirational things to say about success, hard work, leadership, team work, attitude, perseverance, winning, and much more. Here are the the best and most motivational sports quotes around from athletes of […]

Rocky Balboa Inspirational Quotes

Rocky Balboa Inspirational Quotes

Rocky Balboa Inspirational Quotes The movie Rocky Balboa released in 2006 became an instant classic because of its many inspirational speeches and quotes. If you’re in need of some instant motivation, be sure to check out the speech that Rocky made to his son during this movie. In fact, there are so many great quotes […]

Make it Happen Quotes

Make It Happen Quotes Success doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.  No matter where you are or what you want to accomplish, getting to your goal requires determination, focus and the drive to make it happen.  Here are some great make it happen quotes from people who learned to make it happen and […]

workout strength quotes

Quotes on Strength to Build You Up

We all face adversity and in that time of challenge our strength is tested, whether it be our physical strength, mental strength or emotional strength.  We all need to dig down and find that inner strength that leads to a way to succeed and become stronger.  Here are a few quotes on strength to help […]

Lebron James Quotes

LeBron James Quotes for Success and Life

LeBron James Quotes to get you pumped up! LeBron James Quotes for Success and Life LeBron James is arguably the best active NBA player leading the Miami Heat to multiple NBA Championships and as of recent an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only is his work ethic an example on the basketball ball […]

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Motivational Fitness Quotes Whether you are just getting started or have been working out for decades, motivational fitness quotes can give you that little extra push to help you to get started or keep you going through the tough times.  Here are some of our favorite motivational fitness quotes to do just that! Motivational Fitness […]

John Wooden Quotes

John Wooden Quotes – Our Top 10

John Wooden is a coaching legend. When we think about some of the best sports quotes ever, there are several John Wooden quotes that quickly come to mind. Coach Wooden is most well known for his time spent at UCLA as the head men’s basketball coach. During his time at UCLA, he won 10 national […]

Face Your Fears Quotes

Face Your Fears Quotes – Our Top 10

Face Your Fears Quotes It’s a given that there will be times in our lives when we must stare fear in the face. Learning how to overcome fear is an important step in discovering your true capabilities in life. These face your fears quotes can help you to keep fear in perspective. Face Your Fears […]

michael jordan quotes

Michael Jordan Motivational Quotes

Michael Jordan Motivational Quotes Michael Jordan is without a doubt one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. Michael Jordan inspired athletes of all kinds through his game and his words. Many Michael Jordan motivational quotes are used to help to motivate and inspire athletes of all kind. Here is a list of some of […]

Game Day Quotes

Game Day Quotes – Bring Your “A” Game

Bring Your “A” Game with these Game Day Quotes Here at Wild Child Sports we are all about motivating and inspiring all of our readers and followers to be the best that you can be in any and every area of your lives. It really doesn’t matter what sport you play. Heck, it really doesn’t matter […]

Hard Work Pays Off Quotes

Hard Work Pays Off Quotes – Our Top 10

Hard Work Pays Off Quotes – Our Top 10 Let’s face it, success is not always glamorous. It requires a lot of daily consistent effort. It’s easy to look at a successful person and assume that their success came easy. In reality, nearly every successful person has been faced with many failed attempts and missed opportunities. So […]