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Fuzion Spinner Shark Blue Spiral

The Fuzion SpinnerShark 4 Wheeled Kneeboard combines element of a sled and a skateboard then mix these elements with the versatility of caster wheels and you’ve got one exciting ride.

Fuzion SpinnerShark presents maximum maneuverability with controlled steering braking mechanism to make360° fishtail spinning easy and have added stability.
Fuzion 360° Caster Knee Board is designed to perform ground-shredding and tail-whipping in a playground and neighborhood sidewalk with its rear caster wheels. Powered by pumping action on quality 7-ply wood deck provides low gravity stable cruising fun. Smooth drifting and spinning of Fuzion SpinnerShark is also controlled with responsive steering hand brake along with dual wheel braking system.

  • 7-Ply Skateboard Quality Wood Deck
  • 360 Degree Caster Trucks For drifting and spinning action!
  • Fuzion Cast PU Wheels
  • 180 Degree Super Responsive Steering
  • Front Handbrake Lever and Dual Wheel-Braking

Here’s a cool little video that shows you all the fun you can have with the Fuzion SpinnerShark, check it out!

List Price: $ 74.99



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