Sports Motivation from Extreme Sports Athletes

Sports Motivation from Extreme Sports AthletesSports Motivation

Sports motivation can be delivered in a variety of different ways. Often times we look to many of the mainstream sports and its professional athletes
for motivation. Many of these professional athletes are able to deliver this motivation through their words and actions both on and off of the field. Today we want to look specifically at some of the sports motivation delivered by some of the top professional athletes in the world of extreme sports.

Tony Hawk – Pro Skateboarder

The first video that we are going to take a look at comes from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. During this interview, he discusses pushing the limits of your success and what it takes for anyone to achieve the level of success that they are looking for. He also discusses the process that he goes through when faced with the challenges and setbacks of overcoming obstacles.

Laird Hamilton – Pro Surfer

Now let’s take a look at another quick clip of what big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton has to say about mind over matter. Here Laird discuss the old adage, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Mark McMorris – Pro Snowboarder

Mark McMorris walks us through how his passion for snowboarding drives him to be the best snowboarder that we can be.

Wild Child Sports
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