TRiDeck Street Board

All Terrain Skateboard – TRiDECK

TRiDECK All Terrain Skateboard

TRiDeck All Terrain Skateboard


All Terrain Skateboard by TRiDECK

If you’re looking for an awesome and affordable all terrain skateboard, you’ve got to check out the TRiDeck. The TRiDeck gives you the feel like a skateboard but with much more stability. It also gives you the feel of floating and carving through powder on a snowboard. And most importantly, the large rims and air filled tires allow you to tackle almost any type of terrain.

Here are two other features to the TRiDeck all terrain skateboard that we really like as well. First, you have a foot operated rear brake to control your speed. Second, the TRiDeck has a removable joystick handle to help with balance. Check out both of these cool features!

Now that you’ve heard our initial review of the TRiDeck, let’s take a closer look at this awesome all terrain skateboard!

TRiDECK All Terrain Skateboard

Who is this TRiDECK designed for?

This all terrain skateboard is designed for riders ages 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 175 pounds.

How much does TRiDECK cost?

Best Price: $ 240.00

This all terrain skateboard is going to run you about $250.

TRiDECK Street Board Specs & Features

  • Lightweight aluminum wheels
  • Racing-pedal style aluminum brake pedal
  • U-brake
  • Rugged steel tube frame
  • Steering tension turn-knob for adjustments on the fly
  • Detachable joystick handle

TRiDECK All Terrain Skateboard

Check out the TRiDECK in Action!

Wild Child Sports

So what are you waiting for? Get your TRiDECK Street Board today!

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