Catch Surf Beater Original

Catch Surf Beater Original

Catch Surf Beater Original

Catch Surf Beater Original

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Catch Surf Beater Original

If you are looking for a creative company and product that embraces the surf culture of Southern California, then look no further than Catch Surf! Catch Surf surfboards are designed and produced in San Clemente, CA. Catch Surf surfboard models include the Beater, Chippa Pro, Skipper, Stump, Log and Jamie O’Brien Pro. Let’s take a closer look at one of the Catch Surf signature surfboard models – the Beater.

Catch Surf Beater Original Details

If you are looking for a one of the best Catch Surf surfboards, look no further than the Beater. The Beater Original is the original all-purpose, fully customizable shred stick! You can surf it with or without fins, bodyboard and skimboard. You can basically do whatever the heck you want. The Beater will turn an average beach day into one of your most epic shred sessions ever!

The Beater Original features a strong, light-weight and water-resistant core with dual maple-ply wood stringers and a high density bottom to make it the both stiff and durable. It is available in multiple different colors ranging from cool blue to sea green and neon mango. It is available fin-less, single-fin and dual-fin. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Beater Original today!

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Check out the Catch Surf Beater Original in Action!

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