Electric Fat Tire Bike - Cyrusher 1000W

Electric Fat Tire Bike – Cyrusher 1000W

Electric Fat Tire Bike – Cyrusher 1000W

Electric Fat Tire Bike - Cyrusher 1000W


Cyrusher 1000W Electric Fat Tire Bike

If you’re looking for a great all terrain electric bike, you’ve got to check out this Ebike from Cyrusher. The Cyrusher 1000W electric fat tire bike was released in December of 2017. This is a super fun electric bike that can tackle just about any terrain, even SNOW! Let’s take a closer look at this Ebike!

Who is the Cyrusher electric bike designed for?

This electric bike is designed for intermediate to advanced riders. The bike itself weighs 66 pounds so it’s obviously not a good fit for younger, smaller riders. The maximum rider weight is 360 pounds.

What is the top speed of the Cyrusher 1000W Electric Fat Tire Bike?

The top speed of the Cyrusher 1000W is about 28 mph. The range on a full charge depends on the ride mode that you are using. While in full electric mode the range is 25 miles and 50 miles in assisted pedal mode.

How much does the Cyrusher 1000W bike cost?

This Cyrusher Electric Bike retails for around $2,200 and comes in four color options, blue, green rad or white.

Cyrusher Electric Fat Tire Bike Specs & Features

  • 1000W 48V Motor
  • Removable 48v 13amh battery with a battery life of 500 charges
  • 3 Riding Modes: full electric power, pedal assist or pedal only
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes,
  • Full suspension
  • USB charger port
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Large 5-inch LCD screen

Electric Fat Tire Bike - Cyrusher 1000W

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So what are you waiting for? Get your Cyrusher 1000W Ebike today!

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the Cyrusher 1000W Ebike! Be sure that you check out some of the other great Ebikes and action sports toys brought to you by Wild Child Sports!

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