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Extreme Sports Quote of the Week – Never Give Up

Extreme Sports Quote of the Week – Never Give Up

Extreme Sports Quote

Extreme Sports Quote of the Week – Never Give Up

Here is this week’s motivation for all of you action sports enthusiasts and athletes looking to start your week out strong. This week’s quote comes from Rocky Balboa, arguably one of the most iconic and well known cinema characters ever from any sports movie. Here is one of my favorite quotes taken directly from Mr. Rocky Balboa himself:

“Every Champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” – Rocky Balboa

So how does all of this relate to extreme sports? Well, any extreme sport that we look at whether it is snowboarding, skateboarding, motocross, etc., there will always be athletes portraying the role of the champion and the contender. Every single extreme sports champion out there was once that no name contender that no one knew about. Each one of these people had to start somewhere. Even the most gifted of extreme sports athletes had to work day in and day out to earn that title of “Champion.” Never forgot that filling that role of contender is a vital step on the road to achieving champion status!

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