extreme sports quote

Extreme Sports Quote of the Week – Rachel Atherton

Extreme Sports Quote of the Week – Rachel Atherton

Extreme sports quote


Here is your Wednesday Wisdom for all of you action sports enthusiasts in need of a little motivation. Rachel Atherton is a mountain bike phenom sponsored by GT Mountain bikes! If you haven’t already check out her motivational sports video that we posted a few weeks ago, be sure to check it out now! Here is what Rachel Atherton has to say about her instincts as an action sports athlete as well as what inspires her to push harder in the sport of mountain biking:

“Never ignore your instinct and you can always push harder. I get inspired when I think about people who have pushed their bodies to the limit.” – Rachel Atherton

So there you have it! Always look for different ways to push your success to the next level. There are opportunities all around us every single day. Don’t be afraid to test those limits. You never know who may be watching or getting inspired by your success!

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