Jumping stilts kangaroo shoes

Jumping Stilts Kangaroo Shoes

Jumping Stilts Kangaroo Shoes

Jumping stilts kangaroo shoes

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Let’s be 100% honest, exercising and going to the gym can really suck sometimes. It’s not the physical exertion that drives many people away from exercising.  Rather, it’s the dreadful, boring, monotonous routine of it all. That’s why interesting and unique exercising gimmicks and new sports from ultimate frisbee to chicken nugget yoga have become all the rage. However, while some may debate the efficacy of exercising whilst eating deliciously unhealthy fried chicken morsels, there are few that can contend with both the extreme fun and efficient calorie burning of what of the next best trends: jumping stilts (a.k.a kangaroo shoes).

Who are Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts for?

This answer that first comes to mind regarding this question is each and every person (myself included) who suffered through the 90s wanting a pair of moon shoes and having their parents shut them down at every request because what are jumping stilts? They are moon shoes that actually work. Designed for adults and rated for individuals between 155 and 200lbs, these kangaroo shoes with satisfy your inner child, burn away that excess fat.  Best of all they allow you to jump into the burgeoning competitive jumping stilts sport scene.

What is the top speed of Kangaroo Shoes?

The jumping stilts themselves don’t have a top speed, it’s all about how you use them. That being said, some reviewers have reported clocking themselves running at over 15 mph! I don’t know about you, but I think it’d be pretty legit to feel like Usain Bolt even if it’s just for a moment.

How much do Kangaroo Shoes cost?

A pair of Kangaroo Shoes jumping stilts will run you $283.00, about 5 times what a pair of moon shoes would. Then again, these bad boys actually work and will last a lot longer than the cheap rubber bands that your feet were always more likely to burst through than bounce off of.

Current Price: $ 235.00

Kangaroo Shoes Specs & Features

  • Received both SGS and CE safety certifications.
  • Allows the user to both run faster and jump higher.
  • Sizes vary to fit a variety of weight ranges.
  • Includes wrist guards and safety pads.
  • Weighs around 20lbs.
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting.

Get fit, get good, and have fun with Kangaroo Shoes!

An excellent workout that will not only help you lose weight but tone your calves, abs, and butt all while having the time of your life. Add jumping stilts to your workout regiment or take things to the next level, learn insane tricks, and join the growing community of what may be the next the next big extreme sport something we’ll always endorse here at Wild Child Sports!

kangaroo shoes jumping stilts

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