Kids Snowboard Trainer – Burton Riglet

Kids Snowboard Trainer

Kids Snowboard Trainer – Get your little kid snowboarding in no timeKids Snowboard Trainer

Here is everything that you need to know about this kids snowboard trainer for your up and coming little ripper!

Who is the Burton Riglet kids snowboard designed for?

The Burton Riglet is designed to be the ultimate kid’s learning snowboard. This particular board is to be used as a kids snowboard trainer. The recommended age range is 2-6 years old and a maximum weight of 55 lbs. This board is designed to allow you to pull your little one around in the snow, the grass, the living room or just about on any other low friction type of surface. Your child starts by placing their feet on to the rubber foot pad. This allows then to get the feel of moving around on the board without having their feet locked in with a binding. As they progress, the Burton Riglet allows you to add bindings to take their riding experience to the next level.

You may also want to purchase the Riglet reel. This device attaches to the nose of the board and quickly and easily allows you to pull your rider across most any surface.

Special features of the Burton Riglet

  • The Burton Riglet shape is a true twin. Ride it forwards or backwards, its identical. This is especially important for newer riders.
  • The Riglet reel is the device that allows you to pull your rider around allowing them to get used to the feel of the board.
  • The rocker type is called flat top. The flat profile is located between the feet for more stability and edge control. The nose and tail have an earlier rise outside of the feet that provides a more forgiving ride with less edge catching.

Sizes (cm) of the Burton Riglet

The Burton Riglet only comes in one size – 90 cm.

How much is the Burton Riglet? 

The Burton Riglet kids snowboard trainer is going to run you somewhere around 100 bucks. The Riglet reel is an extra 30 bucks. This would bring the entire purchase of this particular kids snowboard trainer system to about $130.

Burton Riglet kids snowboard

Kids Snowboard Trainer


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Kids Snowboard Trainer – Burton Riglet

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