lib tech banana blaster

Lib Tech Banana Blaster Kids Snowboard

Shred the gnar with the Lib Tech Banana Blaster kids snowboardLib Tech Banana Blaster

Here is everything that you need to know about this kids shred machine!

Who is the Lib Tech Banana Blaster kids snowboard designed for?

The Banana Blaster is designed for all types of freestyle riding. In terms of rider ability, this board is really designed for every type of youth rider from the beginner to the expert ripper.

Special features of the Lib Tech Banana Blaster

  • The Banana Blaster shape is a true twin. Ride it switch or regular. It’s 100% symmetrical from nose to tail with an even flex throughout.
  • The Magne-Traction or serrated edges creates an incredible edge hold with better control all over the mountain. This will be extremely important for those youth riders that are just starting out.
  • The board flex is soft to medium. This means great ride-ability in a variety of different conditions. This also means a very forgiving ride for newer, younger riders.
  • The rocker type is BTX. Rocker between your feet combined with flat to mild cambers out to the contact. Easy riding and turning, great jibbing and epic float in pow.

Lib Tech Banana Blaster

Sizes (cm) of the Lib Tech Banana Blaster

The sizes of the Banana Blaster include 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135 and 140.

How much is the Lib Tech Banana Blaster? 

The all new 2017 Banana Blaster is going to run you somewhere around 260 bucks. If you’re looking to save a little coin, you can still pick up last year’s model for under $200.

The 2017 Lib Tech Banana Blaster

Be one of the first groms on the mountain with the 2017 Banana Blaster!

Lib Tech Banana Blaster


Check out what Lib Tech has to say about the new 2017 Banana Blaster!

The 2016 Lib Tech Banana Blaster

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Check out what Lib Tech has to say about the 2016 Banana Blaster!

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