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Lib Tech Skateboards


Lib Tech Skateboards

When you think of Lib Tech, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the Skate Banana snowboard. Lib Tech is one of the front runners when it comes to new technology and innovation in the snowboard industry. Lib Tech is now leading the way with many of innovations in the skateboard industry as well. Let’s a take a look at some of the technology behind the Lib Tech skateboards.

Lib Tech Skateboard Technology

Lib Tech skateboards use a special construction called Exo-Skeletech to make their boards tougher and provide more pop. The material used in constructing the board include 7 plys of hardrock maple along with carbon and fiberglass layers on the inside for that toughness and pop. A special polymer bottom called Plastihide provides a more controlled slide during board slides. Not to mention this durability on the bottom of the board will help prolong the life of the board and protect the non toxic water based graphic as well. These skateboards are all eco-friendly and made in the USA!

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