Motivational Snowboarding Video with Mark McMorris

Motivational Snowboarding Video with Mark McMorrisMotivational Snowboarding Video with Mark McMorris

A few months back, we shared with you one of our favorite motivational sports quotes from Mark McMorris. Today we wanted to share with you this entire motivational snowboarding video showcasing what inspires and drives snowboarder Mark McMorris.

This particular video was released by Red Bull just about a year ago. Both Mark and his brother Craig talk about their childhood and what helped to push them in a variety of different actions sports. It’s interesting to see that they attribute much of their success to practicing multiple disciplines of actions sports as opposed to just focusing on one.

Mark goes on to talk about his growth and progression in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. He details how all of these different action sports have actually made him a better professional snowboarder. He also discusses the motivation that comes from pushing the limits of his own success. Lastly, he talks about that fact that he can’t necessarily plan for every new innovation in snowboarding but he will definitely be ready whenever the opportunity presents itself. Mark McMorris is without a doubt an action sports athlete that we can all learn a thing or two about and apply in our own lives!

Before we let you go to check out this inspiration video, we wanted to leave you with another one of our favorite quotes from this motivational snowboarding video. Enjoy!

“You can take pressure in two different ways: You can let it beat you down or you can fuel off of it.” – Mark McMorris

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