Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

CHECK IT OUTShred the Never Summer Ripsaw snowboard

Here is everything that you need to know about this all mountain destroyer!

Who is the Never Summer Ripsaw snowboard designed for?

The Never Summer Ripsaw is designed as an all mountain shredding machine. The Ripsaw will go just about anywhere and demolish nearly anything in its path! In terms of rider ability, this board is designed more for the advanced and expert rippers.

Special features of the Never Summer Ripsaw

  • The Ripsaw shape is a true twin. Ride it switch or regular. It’s 100% symmetrical from nose to tail.
  • The board flex is firm. This means more control and better responsiveness for aggressive riding at higher speeds.
  • The rocker type is Ripsaw Camber Rocker or camber/rocker/camber providing a more aggressive edge hold with killer pop.
  • The Ripsaw Rocker Camber also provides a more playful feel with amazing float.

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

How much is the Never Summer Ripsaw? 

The 2017 Never Summer Ripsaw is going to run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$550. If this particular setup is going to break the bank, it is pretty easy to pick up last year’s Ripsaw for under 400 bucks (if you can find one)!

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

The 2017 Never Summer Ripsaw is one of the best sticks for this season. Recently, Amazon seems to be one the best places to find one of the new Ripsaws. Grab it fast, before they are gone! 

Like shopping on Amazon?  Get your Never Summer Ripsaw snowboard on Amazon today:

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard


Video reviews of the Never Summer Ripsaw

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