Penny Nickel Board Review – 27″ Penny Skateboard

Penny Nickel Board

Penny Nickel Board


Penny Nickel Board – 27″ Penny Skateboard

If you are looking for a great old school plastic skateboard, look no further than the Penny Nickel board. The Penny Nickel board comes in a variety of colors and designs dedicated to the 70s retro style. The Penny Nickel board differs from the original penny board purely by size. The original penny board is a 22 inch board where as the Nickel board is a bit longer at 27 inches.  For the bigger skaters out there, this makes for a smoother ride and easier control with those big feet.

First, we’d like to show you some of our favorite Penny Nickel boards. Then we will show you some of the most recent reviews of the Penny board.

Our Favorite Penny Nickel Boards

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite Penny boards. The boards range from the classic Penny Fade all the way to the Glow in the Dark Penny. Check it out!

The Simpsons Penny Nickel Board

What do you get when you take one of the best cartoons ever created and add it to a Penny Skateboard? Only the best Penny Board ever created!!!

Penny Nickel Fade

The Penny Nickel Fade is a classic and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Hosoi by Penny

The Penny Hosoi is a great way to give props to the one and only – Christian Hosoi!

Penny Rasta

Feel the good vibes while cruising on your Penny Rasta!

Glow in the Dark by Penny

Get seen, even in the dark, on your glow in the dark Penny board!


How much do Penny Nickel Boards Cost?

Your Penny board is going to run you anywhere from 80 bucks all way up to about 140 bucks.

Penny Nickel Board Reviews

Now we want to show you what others are saying about the Penny Nickel board.

“Definitely gets me to class faster. It is very affordable and I like it more than a penny board because it is bigger.”

“I use this thing everyday for work, from one far end of the parking lot to my work entrance, always rides smooth and turns well.”

“Besides the appealing color this skateboard is absolutely fantastic and extremely stable and easy to use, I highly recommend it!”

“This board is great! It is very smooth over any asphalt. The colors look very stylish, and so does the deck.”

Penny Nickel Board Videos

Check out these Penny Nickel board videos. The first video is going to show you 11 different tricks that you can do on a Penny Board.

The second video shows you exactly what it looks like when you first pull your new Penny board out of the box.

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