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Kids Dune Buggy – The Razor Dune Buggy

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Razor Dune Buggy

Want to give your child a little off-road entertainment? Then look no further than the Razor dune buggy go kart, the ultimate in youth off road machines! The Razor electric dune buggy provides the ultimate in electric powered off-road capabilities. This powerful kids dune buggy can reach speeds up to 9 mph! The Razor Dune Buggy’s specially designed reduction drive is perfect for lower torque climbing and off-road driving. The 8 inch knobby tires and big bucket seat allow for a smooth comfortable ride in nearly all riding conditions. This a great entry level off road kids dune buggy!

Who is the Razor Dune Buggy designed for?

Who wouldn’t want one of these buggies?  Unfortunately there are some limits for those of you thinking of getting one.  First and foremost this dune buggy is designed for those who want the thrill of an off road adventure.  Some one who enjoys a bump in the road and looks to make it a jump.  That said, this is a kids ride.  This kids dune buddy is designed for kids 8 years old and above and carry up to 120 pounds so keep that in mind when you are looking for the perfect electric dune buggy for you.

What does Razor Dune Buggy cost?

Looking for a cheap Razor Dune Buggy price?  Hey, you know the rule, if you have to ask…. just kidding.  Just remember the feeling you’ll have on that off road adventure.  Actually these buggies aren’t really that pricey.  You can find the Razor Dune Buggy for sale at many toy stores and online stores with prices ranging from about $350 to over $400. We’ve found some of the best pricing to be on Amazon. Buy the Razor Dune Buggy now!

Razor Dune Buggy Specs

  • What kind of motor does it have?
    • This compact kids dune buggy with powerful 350-watt electric motor.  It’s a variable speed, high torque, chain driven motor.
  • What powers this buggy?
    • The Razor buggy comes powered by 24 Volt lead acid batteries to give you a lasting ride.  It even come with the battery charger to keep you running.
  • How fast does the Razor Dune Buggy go?
    • Reaching speeds of up to 10 mph, this buggy is great fun for kids but not too fast that will make you worry.
  • What is it built with?
    • It’s made with a durable tubular steel frame and comes fully equipped with a  padded bucket seat and seat belt to keep you safe.
    • Convenient hand throttle and brake controls makes it easy and fun to ride plus this buggy requires no fuel to run.
    • The hand operated rear disc break ensures quick and smooth breaking.
    • The 8 inch knobby tires and terrain following rear suspension allow for adventurous rides on and off road.

Razor Dune Buggy Videos

Check out this awesome kids dune buggy in action!



Wild Child Sports

Like any great toy with moving parts sometimes things can wear out.  Razor has a full line of Razor Dune Buggy parts.  Here are a few of the most common parts that you might need:

Razor dune buggy replacement battery
Replacement Battery

Approximate Cost:
Check Price
Razor Dune buggy rear wheel set
Razor Dune Buggy Rear
Wheel Set

Approximate Cost:
Check Price
razor dune buggy replacement charger
Replacement Charger for
Dune Buggy

Approximate Cost:
Check Price
razor dune buggy wheel inner tube
Dune Buggy
Inner Tube

Approximate Cost:
Check Price
razor dune buggy thumb throttle
Razor Dune Buggy
6-Pin Thumb Throttle

Approximate Cost:
Check Price
razor dune buggy brake lever assembly
Brake Lever Assembly
for Dune Buggy

Approximate Cost:
Check Price

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