Razor E Punk Electric Mini Bike Review

razor e punk

Looking for a fun little ride for your kids to cruise around the neighborhood?  Check out the Razor E-Punk electric mini bike. At first glance the Razor E-Punk has a similar look to a mini bmx bike, but as you look closer the similarities stop there.  First and foremost, one of the most noticeable things is that there are no pedals, just foot pegs.  A second thing that stands out pretty quickly is the back wheel is smaller and includes the electric motor.  All in all it’s a pretty cool looking little electric mini bike that’s great for kids.

Who is the Razor E-Punk designed for?

This fun to ride mini ebike is designed with the older kids in mind, but your teenagers would probably have outgrown them.  The age recommendation for this e bike is 8 years old and up.  It’s built well but is only designed to handle riders up to 120 pounds. Keep in mind that these recommendations come directly from the manufacturer. As a parent, you will want to look more closely at the experience of your rider to determine if the E-Punk is a good fit for your child.

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How big is the Razor E-Punk?

The E-Punk is a great little ride that is easy to transport around if needed.  It weighs in at only 21.78 pounds.  Fully assembled the bike stands 24.04 inches tall, is 30.5 inches long and 20.4 inches wide.  With it’s small and lightweight design, this electric bike can be brought along on almost any adventure.

How fast is the E-Punk?

The E-Punk top speed is 9 mph, which is fast enough for kids but not so fast you have to worry.  Like with any bike or riding toy though you have to do your part for safety.  Always remember to wear the proper protective gear and a helmet.

How is this thing built?

Razor’s E-Punk comes with a high torque hub driven motor.  The motor is powered by a 12 volt lead-acid rechargeable battery.  The charger is included for your convenience.  The powerful hub driven motor is controlled by a push button throttle right next to the comfortable foam handle grips.

The front tire is an 8 inch pneumatic tire designed to absorb the shock of riding through the neighborhood and reduce the vibration and stress on your hands.   The adjustable seat is padded to add to the comfort of the ride.  Braking is always important so Razor has equipped the E-Punk with hand operated front caliper brakes similar to those you would see on a standard BMX bike.

Lastly, the frame is made of steel with oversized downtube, while the front fork is made with tubular steel for added strength.  It comes with a retractable kickstand for ease of parking as well as foot pegs for while you ride.

Where can you buy the E-Punk?

The price ranges on electric bikes vary quite a bit and are based on a number of different factors.  Razor has traditionally come in with good pricing on great products.  You can check the current price here:


razor e punk


Want to see the Razor E-Punk in action?  Check out the video below!


No doubt the Razor E-Punk electric mini bike is a pretty fun ride for you and your kids!

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