RVCA Fitted Hats

RVCA Fitted Hats

RVCA Fitted Hats


RVCA Fitted Hats

The RVCA Flex Fit Baseball Hats are a must have for just about anyone.

How much does the RVCA Flex Fit Baseball Hat cost?

These RVCA fitted hats is going to run you somewhere between 20 to 30 bucks. Check out all of the RVCA fitted hats now!

RVCA Flex Fit Baseball Hat Details

  • 98% cotton 2% elastane
  • Available in 2 sizes – S/M – L/XL
  • Colors include: Black, Dark Denim, Deep Teal, White and Grey
  • True to size about 90% of the time

RVCA Fitted Hats Reviews

“Good fit and great quality!”

“Love the flex fit feel of this hat.”

“One of the most comfy hats that I have.”

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