RVCA Puffer Jacket

RVCA Puffer Jacket

RVCA Puffer Jacket



RVCA Puffer Jacket

We love almost everything from RVCA and their apparel line here at Wild Child Sports. We are going to take a look at one of our favorite RVCA jackets – the RVCA Puffer jacket. This RVCA jacket is a hooded fleece with a water resistant vest with fleece sleeves and hood. Be sure to stay dry and warm this winter in this RVCA jacket.

How much does the RVCA Puffer Jacket cost?

This RVCA jacket is going to run you somewhere between 80 to 90 bucks. But in some cases, you can still find last season’s puffer jackets for as low as $50!

RVCA Puffer Jacket Details

  • 60% cotton 40% polyester
  • Available in sizes XS – XXL
  • Colors include: Black/Charcoal. Federal Blue, Midnight and Red Earth
  • True to size about 80% of the time

RVCA Puffer Jacket Reviews

“Excellent quality and comfort!”

“Love this puffer jacket. Very compact and east to store.”

“One of the most comfy hoodies I have.”

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