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Who wants a plain old swing in their backyard?  Excactly, that’s what we thought here at Wild Child Sports.  Why not replace that boring old swing with an awesome skateboard swing by Sk8swing?  Get your kids into the groove and enjoying the thrills of skateboarding at an early age.  Hey, you can have some fun too.  These things are built tough enough to handle up to 200 pounds so don’t be afraid to give your kids a little instruction and have some fun yourself.

100% Handmade Skateboard Swing. From our yard to yours! Perfect for swingsets, tree swings etc. We custom make every swing using the highest quality materials. We are happy to present to you one of the funnest toys to be built in recent years. If you are looking to get your kids off computers, TV and outside playing – the Sk8Swing is the answer. If you are hanging from a swingset the swings are ready to hang – literally just remove your old swing and clip in the Sk8Swing and your done! If you ar

  • The most fun swing ever! Handmade in California.
  • Weight limit – 200 lbs. Fun for kids and adults
  • Comes fully assembled ready to hang! Built superman strong, using the highest quality materials to ensure safety!
  • Fun for ages 2 years and up! Warning this skateboard swing will attract neighborhood kids…
  • 84″ tall – built for either swing-sets or to hang from a tree!

List Price: $ 97.00



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