Street Surfing Longboard Casterboard

Street Surfing Longboard Casterboard Street Surfing Shark Attack Casterboard What do you get when you combine skateboarding, surfing and casterboarding? The Street Surfing Shark Attack! With this self propelling longboard, the 360 degree caster (front wheel) allows you to pump and carve as if you were riding a surfboard. This Street Surfing longboard casterboard is available […]

Casterboarding – Street Surfing Wave Rider

Street Surfing Wave Rider Casterboard We recently stumbled across the company Street Surfing and we have to admit that we are pretty stoked on a lot of their casterboarding products! One of their coolest products has to be the Wave Rider Wooden Casterboard. We’re sure that you’ve seen someone cruising down the road on a […]

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