off road skateboard

Rockboard Descender Skateboard

Rockboard Descender Offroad Skateboard   Offroad Skateboard by Rockboard If you’re looking for an inexpensive offroad skateboard, you’ve got to check out the Rockboard Descender. The Rockboard Descender is an all-terrain skateboard ready to tear up any surface that stands in your way. Unlike typical skateboards, the Descender’s tank-like treads provide traction on grass, pavement, […]

All Terrain Longboard – StairRover

All Terrain Longboard – StairRover StairRover All Terrain Longboard by Allrover Bombing down stairs is no longer a problem with the all terrain longboard by Allrover. The StairRover is unlike any other longboard currently on the market. It uses a unique eight-wheeled mechanism and V-frame to cruise easily on smooth surfaces and down flights of […]

Best Off Road Skateboard 2017 – MBS 33″ Skateboard

Best Off Road Skateboard – MBS 33″ Skateboard Be sure to check out some of the other great skateboards brought to you by Wild Child Sports! Best All Terrain Longboard 2018 Inboard M1 Review – Freeride Electric Skateboard Best Budget Electric Skateboard – Acton Blink S-R Fast Off Road Electric Skateboard – BajaBoard G4X Electric Skateboard Review […]

Atom 95X MountainBoard Review

Wild Child Sports’ Atom 95X MountainBoard Review The MBS Atom 95X Mountainboard is the perfect board for entry-level action sports mountain riders wanting to experience all aspects of mountainboarding. Beefy deck, F1 bindings and a completely installed V brake system give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket. If you’re wanting to […]

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