The Golfboard, a wild way to surf the turf.

Like to golf but don’t like leaving your board behind?  Check out the Golfboard.  It’s an innovative way to bring the feeling of surfing or cruising on your longboard onto the golf course.  Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking, golf is not an action sport or extreme sport, but hang on a sec.  When you take your board on the course with you and surf the turf it turns into a whole new experience.  It’s and easy to ride electric scooter type vehicle that adda a new level of fun and excitement to your golf game.  This thing is everything you need to speed up your game and have a blast while getting through the course.

Check out the Golfboard video featuring Laird Hamilton, big wave surfer.  He takes his turn surfing the turf on the course.

longboard stroller by quinny

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