YBike Explorer Go Kart

YBike Explorer Go Kart

YBike Explorer Go Kart

YBike Explorer Go KartCHECK IT OUT

YBike Explorer Go-Kart

The YBike Explorer is a new generation three wheel go-kart that has a distinctive back wheel steering system. The unique design encourages bilateral coordination and skills development in kids. Quality parts allow for a smooth and effortless ride giving a “moon-walk” experience. So what is it that makes the YBike Explorer go-kart different from other go karts?

Who is the YBike Explorer Go Kart designed for?

This Explorer pedal car is designed for kids ages 4 to 10 with a maximum rider weight of 155 pounds.

How much the Explorer Go Kart cost?

Best Price: $ 185.62

The YBike Explorer pedal car is going to run just under 120 bucks.

YBike Explorer Go-Kart Features

  • It’s sleek and functional design features two easy to grip handles
  • Kid powered – no batteries just pedal power
  • Gets kids to unplug and trade screen time for green time outdoors
  • Beautifully designed, sleek engineering featuring rear wheel steering

YBike Explorer Go Kart Reviews

“I’ve got 3 kids and we have a long driveway so we have every ride on toy imaginable (anything to encourage them to be outside) and they love this one. It gets used daily.”

“Absolutely the BEST toy I have given my 6 year old Grandson in his entire 6 years! This thing is a blast!”

“A lot of fun. A good work out. My kids ages 6 and 8 love them and play with them everyday.”


Check out the YBike Explorer Go Kart in Action!

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