Surfwheel VS Onewheel


Surfwheel VS Onewheel Review

Let us start out by saying that we’ve been riding one wheel electric skateboards for years and they are some of most fun extreme sports toys that you could buy! Two of the most popular manufacturers of these motorized skateboards are Surfwheel and Onewheel.

As you compare Surfwheel VS Onewheel, you will find that the Onewheel provides much more versatility and is faster with a better range but that the Surfwheel is more affordable for a lot of people.

Top Speed RangeCharge TimeMaximum Rider Weight
Surfwheel SUSurfwheel VS Onewheel 12 mph10 miles90 minutes220 pounds
One Wheel XRSurfwheel VS Onewheel 19 mph12-18 miles110 minutes275 pounds

It’s All About Versatility

One wheel electric skateboards were designed to be able to create the same type of ride you’d have while carving through powder on a snowboard or surfing a wave on a surfboard. Some of these boards are going to provide more versatility than others. As you make your first purchase, you really need to decide how much versatility you want with your board. Are you fine just cruising your neighborhood or around the park? Or do you want to be able to hit the trails or even ride on the beach?

As we compared the Surfwheel VS Onewheel, one of the biggest critiques on the Surfwheel would have to be the size of the wheel. This can cause a couple of issues. First, the board is a lot closer to the ground when compared to the Onewheel. You have to be really careful not to lean too far forward or backwards. This lower ground clearance might cause you to hit the ground and wipe out.

Second, the smaller wheel and lower ground clearance on the Surfwheel will also limit the terrain that you can ride. The Surfwheel is great for cruising around on smooth, flat surfaces. However, if you want a wheel one electric skateboard that will perform really well offroad while going up and down hills, the Onewheel will be the better option. Check it out!

There’s a Price To Pay For More Versatility

Surfwheel delivers three different one wheel electric skateboards (SU, HX and TR) all for under $500. One of the biggest issues that people have had with Onewheel is the big price tag. Both Onewheel models (Pint and XR) are priced somewhere between $1000 and $2000. For this reason alone, a lot of people take a closer look at the Surfwheel as a way to start one wheel electric skateboarding without having to invest too much money right up front. If you’re looking for something really fun to cruise around your neighborhood, you’ll love the Surfwheel!

If you are a die hard board sports enthusiast, you will fall in love with the Onewheel despite the price.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Surfwheel VS Onewheel Review. Be sure that you check out some of the other cool extreme sports toys for your adrenaline junkie!

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