Razor MX350 VS MX650 Comparison Review

Razor MX350 VS MX650

Razor MX350 VS MX650 Comparison Review


Razor MX350 Dirt Bike VS Razor MX650 Dirt Bike – What’s the Difference?

Today, we are going to walk you through all of the main differences between the Razor MX350 VS MX650. Be sure to also check out our full reviews of both the MX350 electric dirt bike and MX650 electric dirt bike! In short, the MX350 is the smallest dirt bike made by Razor and acts as a awesome starter bike for younger, smaller riders and the MX650 is the biggest and fastest electric dirt bike made by Razor. If you’re not sure which Razor dirt bike is of best fit for you or your child, be sure to check out our article on Razor Dirt Bikes – Choosing the right model.

Price Comparison 

Recommended Rider Age and Weight

  • The Dirt Bike MX350 is recommended for riders ages 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 140 pounds.
  • The Dirt Bike MX650 is recommended for riders ages 16 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the MX350 is a great entry level electric dirt bike whereas the MX650 is best for experienced riders looking for the best top speed and range from the entire lineup of Razor dirt bikes.

Top Speed of the Razor MX350 and MX650

  • The Razor MX350 Mini Bike top speed is 14 mph.
  • The Razor MX650 Mini Bike top speed is 17 mph.
  • The MX650 has a higher top speed when compared to the MX350

Continuous run time

  • Run time for the MX350 is 30 minutes with a 24 volt rechargeable battery system.
  • Run time for the MX650 is 40 minutes with a 36 volt rechargeable battery system.
  • Razor MX650 has more voltage and adds an additional 10 minutes of run time.

Finals Thoughts on these Razor Dirt Bikes

So there you have it! Now you know the main differences between the the Razor MX350 VS MX650! If you’re looking for a great starter bike for someone that has limited experience riding, you can’t go wrong with the Razor MX350. If you want the biggest, strongest and fastest Razor dirt bike, the MX650 is the answer! So what are you waiting for? Get one of the best electric electric dirt bikes on the market today!

Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX350 VS MX650 Comparison Review


Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike


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Razor MX350 VS MX650 Comparison Review

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