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Adult Electric Mountain Bike – Dirt Bike

GBX All-Terrain Electric Dirt Bike/Mountain Bike Review You may have already come across our review of the Segway electric dirt bike, the X160 review, if not you may want to check it out too.  This bike, the GBX electric dirt bike has a similar look and feel.  It’s advertised like an electric mountain bike but […]

Razor Electric Skateboard – RazorX Cruiser

    Razor Electric Skateboard – RazorX Cruiser We are stoked on this Razor electric skateboard! Razor is without a doubt of the best manufacturers of affordable electric toys and we’ve been waiting a long time for them to create an electric skateboard. The RazorX Cruiser is everything that you’d expect to see from an […]

Electric Offroad Skateboard by Outstorm

Electric Offroad Skateboard by Outstorm Today, we’d like to introduce you to one lean, mean offroad machine – the Outstorm electric offroad skateboard.  Let’s take a closer look at this awesome electric skateboard. Who is this electric skateboard designed for? The Outstorm electric skateboard is a great option for both teens and adults and has […]

Electric One Wheel Skateboard – Surfwheel

Electric One Wheel Skateboard – Surfwheel SU     Surfwheel SU Electric One Wheel Skateboard One wheel electric skateboards continue to gain popularity among action sports enthusiast. One of the newer players in the game is Surfwheel. Surfwheel offers a couple of different one wheel electric skateboards and today we are going to showcase for […]

Kids Quad Comparison – MotoTec Titan V5 vs Razor Dirt Quad

So your kid has finally outgrown his or her Powerwheels quad and you are looking at the next level of kids electric quads for kids.  You’ve probably already heard of Razor products and the electric scooters, karts and dirt they make.  You may have even heard of the Razor dirt quad which is a pretty […]

Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GT vs. Skatebolt Tornado B Comparison Review

Comparison of Evolve’s Bamboo GT vs Skatebolt’s Tornado B When looking for a high end electric skateboard it’s always a good idea to check out some of the competition.  Evolve Skateboards makes some of the fastest electric skateboards and tend to run on the more expensive side.  Today we want to compare Evolve’s Bamboo GT […]

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