Adult Electric Mountain Bike – Dirt Bike

GBX All-Terrain Electric Dirt Bike/Mountain Bike Review You may have already come across our review of the Segway electric dirt bike, the X160 review, if not you may want to check it out too.  This bike, the GBX electric dirt bike has a similar look and feel.  It’s advertised like an electric mountain bike but […]

Coleman Powersports Mini Bike Buyers Guide 2020

Choosing the best Coleman mini bike for you When it comes to high quality outdoor equipment and rides, Coleman Powersports delivers.  As a manufacturer of exciting rides like the gas powered drift trike to some pretty cool go karts, Coleman mini bikes deliver the fun.  Today we are going to take a closer look at […]

Vestar Black Hawk All Terrain Electric Skateboard Review

The Vestar Black Hawk an All Terrain Electric Skateboard for Adults Vestar Black Hawk All Terrain Adult Electric Skateboard First let’s say this is built with an experienced rider in mind.  The Vestar Black Hawk all terrain electric skateboard is designed to deliver speed and power for the electric skateboard enthusiast who enjoys both street […]

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