The HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 – The Perfect Off-Road Adventure for Kids

Discover the Ultimate Thrill: HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500

hover hart dirt quad 500


Are you ready to embark on an electrifying off-road journey that your young adventurer will never forget? Look no further than the HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500! This remarkable kids’ quad is designed to deliver exhilarating outdoor experiences, combining safety, power, and style for an unforgettable ride. In this article, we’ll delve into the impressive features of the Dirt Quad 500, showcasing why it’s the ideal choice for young explorers seeking off-road excitement.

Unleash the Power:

The HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 packs a punch with its robust 500W 36V motor, offering an unbeatable combination of power and performance. Whether your child is cruising through the backyard or conquering more challenging terrains, the Dirt Quad 500’s high-torque internal gear set ensures a thrilling and smooth ride every time.

Unstoppable Adventure:

Equipped with a 36V 12AH lead-acid battery, the Dirt Quad 500 is ready to take on the trails. The rechargeable battery guarantees hours of uninterrupted fun, while the twist-grip throttle control grants your young rider the freedom to accelerate with ease. With a charging time of 6-8 hours, the excitement never has to wait for long.

Safe and Secure:

Safety is paramount, and the HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 doesn’t disappoint. Its sturdy frame and disc brake system offer reliable stopping power, ensuring your child’s safety during exhilarating adventures. The inclusion of front LED headlights enhances visibility, allowing for day or night exploration.

Built for the Bold:

Designed with adventure in mind, the Dirt Quad 500 boasts a unique outlook and attractive stickers that catch the eye. The presence of suspensions and soft rubber grips ensures a comfortable and controlled ride, even on rugged terrains. With its extra-large frame, the Dirt Quad 500 accommodates riders up to 65 kgs, making it the perfect choice for growing daredevils.

Unrivaled Performance:hover hart dirt quad speed control

With a maximum speed of 15 mph for high-speed mode and 10 mph for low-speed mode, the Dirt Quad 500 offers an exhilarating experience while maintaining safety. Its 4.10-6 pneumatic tubeless tires provide excellent traction, allowing your young rider to conquer various types of terrain with confidence.

Comparison to Razor Dirt Quad 500:

The HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 is a true contender in the world of kids’ dirt quads, comparable to the renowned Razor Dirt Quad 500. However, the Dirt Quad 500 sets itself apart with its unique outlook, attractive stickers, and larger frame. The high-torque motor, disc brakes, and extra features like LED headlights and suspensions make the Dirt Quad 500 a top choice for young adventurers seeking an upgraded off-road experience.


In conclusion, the HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 is not just a kids’ quad; it’s an invitation to a world of thrilling exploration. With its impressive power, safety features, and stylish design, this dirt quad is the ultimate choice for young riders ready to embark on unforgettable off-road adventures. Give your child the gift of excitement and adventure with the HOVER HEART Dirt Quad 500 – where every ride becomes an unforgettable memory.


hover hart dirt quad 500 colors

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