5 Must Watch Sports Motivation Videos

5 Must Watch Sports Motivation Videos

Sports Motivation Videos There’s nothing better than watching a clip from one of your favorite sports motivation videos. It’s one of the quickest ways to reignite the fire and help you to continue towards your goals. There are a lot of sports motivation videos out there and some are definitely better than others. You’ll find that some of the best sports motivation videos come from a specific scene in one of your favorite sports movies while others come from a motivational speech given by one of your favorite athletes.

We decided to put together a list, with the help of many of our readers, of the 5 must watch sports motivational videos specifically from our favorite sports movies. Many of the videos are going to show a specific scene from that particular movie that will help provide some of the specific sports motivation that you are looking for. Enjoy!

1, Rocky Balboa Speech

The first video that we recommend is the speech that Rocky made to his son in the movie Rocky Balboa.

2. Michael Jordan Commercial – “Maybe It’s My Fault”

The next sports motivation video comes from Air Jordan himself in one of his most famous commercials ever.

3. Friday Night Lights Speech – Perfection Defined

Video #3 comes from the halftime speech made by Coach Gaines in the movie Friday Night Lights.

4. Miracle Hockey Speech

Next, let’s take a look at the pregame speech made by Coach Herb Brooks before the 1980 Olympics.

5. Michael Jordan Commercial – “Failure”

The last sports motivation videos comes from Michael Jordan again in his commercial about failure.

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