Cheap Snowboard Pants – Under $100

Cheap Snowboard Pants – Under 100 Bucks!cheap snowboard pants

Getting ready for that winter trip?  Choosing a good pair of snowboard pants is a critical decision for anyone who snowboards.  Even the expert snowboarder spends a lot of time on the ground whether it be for strapping in, just taking a break or helping up your buddy who falls a lot.  You’ll need a good pair of pants that are both waterproof and durable to help you get the most out of your trip.  Here at Wild Child Sports we go a step further in helping you also find cheap snowboard pants that fit your needs.

Cheap Snowboard Pants for Men – Under 100 bucks!

Cheap Snowboard Pants for Women – Under 100 bucks!

Cheap Snowboard Pants for Kids – Under 100 bucks!

Things to consider when buying cheap snowboard pants

Here are a few things you should probably consider when getting your cheap snowboard pants:

Waterproofing: Especially if you snowboard in wet snow you’ll want to make sure your pants are waterproof.  Nothing dampens you day faster than being cold and wet on the slope.

Insulation:  Are you heading out to the extreme cold?  You’ll want to make sure your snowboard pants have the proper insulation.   Maybe you snowboard clear into the spring when it’s warmer and you need a thinner pair of pants.  Either way, just make sure you are getting what you need.

Breath-ability:  Just as much as you want to keep water out you don’t want to sweat and be soaked from the inside.  Snowboard pants have a breath-ability rating and the higher the number the more breathable the pants are.  Especially in warmer weather, the breath-ability of your snowboard pants can make a difference in your comfort.

Other Considerations

Other options:  Things that add to the functionality and use.  These are things like pockets, zippers, and vents.  Are you the type takes a bunch of stuff with you down the hill?  What  about when it warms up in the afternoon? Those vents would be nice.

Price:  You know what they say, you get what you pay for, right?  Generally speaking the higher priced snowboard pants are considered higher quality.  But if you are looking for a pair of cheap snowboard pants it doesn’t mean you are losing the quality when you get them through Wild Child Sports since we find you the best discounts on the best quality snowboard pants.

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