Danny MacAskill GoPro Video – Casadia

Danny MacAskill always delivers when it comes to his GoPro footage. It goes without saying that this new Danny MacAskill GoPro video is without a doubt some of Danny’s best footage yet! The footage takes place on the rooftops of a town called Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. As you might expect, Danny rips across the rooftops flipping and spinning all before a final front flip off a cliff into the ocean. This Danny MacAskill GoPro video delivers in every way possible and truly showcases the amazing skills of this street trials bike rider. Enjoy!

Danny MacAskill GoPro Video – Casadia

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Red Bull interviewed Danny to get some of his thoughts on this insane GoPro footage. Check out the entire interview.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the questions:

What’s the most technical trick in the video?

I would say one of the biggest builds in the video was probably the end shot. We were starting on top of the hill and I tried to think of something good to end the film, what we call the ‘banger’ of the video. Continue reading

Any advice for other ambitious GoPro filmers?

I’d say the camera is so versatile, just go ahead and play with it, see what works for you. It’s fun trying to mount it all over the place! Continue reading

Danny MacAskill GoPro Video


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