Kids Quad Comparison – MotoTec Titan V5 vs Razor Dirt Quad

So your kid has finally outgrown his or her Powerwheels quad and you are looking at the next level of kids electric quads for kids.  You’ve probably already heard of Razor products and the electric scooters, karts and dirt they make.  You may have even heard of the Razor dirt quad which is a pretty good little electric quad. For this article we are going to take a look at Razor’s dirt quad and see how it stacks up to one of it’s lesser known competitors, the MotoTec Titan V5.  Let’s take a look.

razor dirt quad vs mottec titan v5

Razor Dirt Quad vs. MotoTec Titan V5, what do they have in common?

although at a quick glance these two electric kids quads look pretty different they have a few key things in common.  First both are 24V.  Each has two 12V rechargeable batteries which power a 350 watt motor.  Both come equipped with a variable speed twist grip throttle, so riding and maneuvering will be pretty similar.  Finally, both of these kids quads are built with sturdy steel frames.  Now let’s compare a few of the other features.

Comparison Table

Comparison ofRazor Dirt QuadRazor dirt Quad pic MotoTec Titan V5
Mototec Titan V5 pic
Top Speed8 MPH10 MPH
Rider Weight120 lbs max150 lbs max
Battery24 Volt24 Volt
Charging TimeUp to 12 hours4 to 6 hours
BrakesRear disc brake2 front and a rear disc brake
SuspensionRear coil spring shock2 independent front shocks and a rear shock
Wheel Size12 inches13 inches

Top Speed of the Razor Dirt Quad vs the MotoTec Titan V5

The Razor Dirt Quad tops out at 8 mph according to

The MotoTec Titan V5 tops out at 10 mph.

Recommended Rider Age and Weight

The Razor Dirt Quad has a recommended rider age of 8 years and older with a max weight of 120 pounds.  The MotoTec Titan V5 has a recommended rider age of 6 years and older but has a maximum rider weight of 150 pounds giving the Titan a slight edge as you child grows.

Braking system of the Razor Dirt Quad and the MotoTec Titan V5

The Razor Dirt Quad comes equipped with a rear disc brake, which is probably enough while cruising around at 8 miles per hour.  The MotoTec Titan on the other hand comes fully equipped with 2 front disc brakes and one on the rear for extra safety.

Suspension Systems

The MotoTec Titan V5 has two front suspension shocks and one rear shock which is favorable to the Razor Dirt quad if the front shocks are important to you.  The Razor Dirt Quad has a rear droop travel with a coil shock.

Charge time comparison

The MotoTec Titan has a 4 to 6 hour charge time, while the Razor Dirt Quad has a 12 hour charge time.  If you are looking to go for a ride more than once a day this is an important factor to consider.

Wheels and tires

razor dirt quad vs mottec titan v5 tires comparison Hey if you are looking at this for your 8 year old kid both of these kids dirt quads get the job done.  There is a little difference though.  If you are going for the bigger knobby look the Titan V5 may suit you.  One other consideration is that the Razor Dirt Quad has a slightly smaller tire at 12 inches (If you are looking for a slightly bigger more robust Razor Quad, you may want to take a look at the Dirt Quad 5oo.  We wrote a comparison review of the Dirt Quad vs the Dirt Quad 500 here.)  The Titan V5 on the other hand has a 13 inch tire.  Both are air filled pneumatic tires.

Final Thoughts

Overall both of these kids electric quads are pretty well built.  Either of them could work well for you.  The MotoTec Titan V5 gives you a little more wiggle room for growth and has a more similar look to current quads.  One thing we didn’t mention yet is price.  The Razor Dirt Quad tends to run on a little more economical side when compared to the Titan.  You can click below to check the current pricing.

Razor Dirt Quad

Razor dirt Quad pic


MotoTec V5

Mototec Titan V5 pic


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