Best Snowboard Hoodies 2015

Best Snowboard Hoodies 2018 – ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie

Best Snowboard Hoodies 2018 – ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie

Best Snowboard Hoodies 2018– ThirtyTwo Stamped Pullover Hoodie


ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie – Best Snowboard Hoodies 2018

Since 1995, ThirtyTwo has been providing snowboarders with quality, functional and innovative products, while never abandoning the values of true snowboarding. ThirtyTwo has once again provided us with one of the best snowboard hoodies 2018 – the ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie.


How much does the ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie cost?

This ThirtyTwo hoodie is going to run you between 75 and 80 bucks.

ThirtyTwo Stamped Hoodie Details

  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 280GM fleece
  • Repel water-resistant
  • Hooded draw cord

ThirtyTwo Repel Technology

Wild Child Sports

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