Cheap Snowboard Mittens

Cheap Snowboard Mittens

Hey, winter is coming and you need to get your gear while you can still get some great deals. Having a great pair of snowboard mittens can make all the difference in how you enjoy your ride down the hill. Cold hands can really put a damper on the fun. Finding a good pair of snowboard mittens isn’t hard, but getting a great deal makes it a little more difficult.

Here at Wild Child Sports we love finding those deals for you.  Check out these great deals on cheap snowboard mittens and save a bundle today!

Things to consider when choosing the best snowboard mittens for you

Waterproof and breath-abilityburton snowboard mittens

If you plan to stay out all day you want to make sure you have a good mitt that keep you dry, but also allows the glove to breathe in case you sweat.  The last thing you want is a cold wet hand at the end of the day.


Depending on where you are going or if you are the type who gets cold quickly you really need to consider the amount of insulation you have in your gloves.  But remember you can always add extra layers.


It doesn’t seem like it would really matter much, but the fit is important.  It helps determine how warm your hands will be and how much mobility you will have.  If it’s too tight or small it could reduce the effectiveness of the insulation or the ability to keep your hands dry.


This is important too.  You want to make sure your snowboard mittens are long enough that your jacket arm and the mitten create a good seal to keep the snow out.  Let’s face it, even the best of us takes a nasty spill once in a while and keeping the snow off your hands and out of your jacket is important.

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