Gnu Snowboards

Gnu Snowboards

Gnu SnowboardsGnu Snowboards

Gnu snowboards have been providing the snowboard community with hand-built, American made shred sticks since 1977. 

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Gnu Snowboards Technology

Here’s a quick look at some of the crazy technology and innovation that goes in to each and every Gnu snowboard.


Serrated edge “steak knife technology” adds control, reduces fatigue and makes snowboarding easier and more fun in any terrain especially hardpack and ice.

Banana Technology

The original revolutionary all terrain rocker/camber combination contours. Banana Technology makes snowboards better and easier to ride in every way: easier to turn, more catch free jibbing, more pop, better float in powder, better edge hold and carving on hard pack and ice. Banana Technology is a very specific set of all terrain rocker and camber combination bottom contours designed around how a snowboard is ridden and activated. Learn more @ Gnu snowboards technology.


Pickle technology makes snowboards easier and more intuitive to ride through the application of unique balancing design elements to each side of the board that harmonize with your bodies natural asymmetry and the unique toeside and heelside snowboard activation mechanics. Turn mechanics on your toe and heelside are completely different. The angle of attack you can achieve on a toe side turn is much steeper than what is possible on a heelside turn because of ankle, knee and hip dynamics.

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Be sure to check out some of the other cool snowboard gear brought to you by Wild Child Sports!


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