How Fast Do Razor Electric Skateboards Go?

How Fast Do Razor Electric Skateboards Go?

Here at Wild Child Sports, we’ve been riding electric skateboards for years. Razor is without a doubt one of the most well known manufacturers in the world of electric ride on toys. If you’re looking to find a great entry level electric skateboard at an affordable price, you will want to check out Razor’s lineup.

At top speed, Razor electric skateboards go anywhere between 10 and 12 mph. The slower electric skateboards will have a slightly less powerful motor. As the motor becomes more powerful, so does the top speed.

What Factors Affect Top Speed?

You need to be aware of the different factors that are going to affect the top speed of your Razor electric skateboard. Not only will this help to keep you or your child safe, it will also give you the piece of mind of knowing that you are not riding a skateboard that is beyond your experience level.


You need to be very aware of the type of terrain that you riding. Riding on smooth concrete will definitely get you going faster than if you were riding on rough asphalt. Think about riding up a hill. That electric skateboard is going to have to work a lot harder to power up that hill and more than likely won’t hit its normal top speed. The opposite is true if you’re going downhill on a skateboard. Your own momentum will get you flying and you can easily surpass the typical top speed of one of these Razor skateboards.

Weight of the Rider

The top speed of a Razor electric skateboard can change based on the specific rider weight. Each skateboard has a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds. With that being said, a lighter rider will likely see a higher top speed and a heavier rider might see a lower top speed.


Depending upon which Razor skateboard you select, you will either be getting a 125 or 150 watt. Why does this matter? Well, the more powerful the motor the higher the top speed.

Are Razor Electric Skateboard Good?

Razor electric skateboards are going to be great entry level boards for both kids and adults. Here’s why:

Not Too Fast

If you’re going to be riding an electric skateboard for the first time, there’s no way that you need a board that can hit 20-30 mph. That’s too fast for a beginner rider. Plus, all it takes is one hard fall at 20 mph or faster and you’re never going to get on an electric skateboard again. Remember, the goal is to get you or your rider comfortable with accelerating, braking and turning. You don’t need a super fast board to accomplish this!

Easy to Use Technology

Another reason why Razor electric skateboards are good is because they don’t use too many bells and whistles. Operating these skateboards is very straight forward. The wireless remote control is very easy to use. The remote turns on with the flip of a switch. To increase your speed, push the control stick forward. To decrease your ride speed, pull the control stick back.

How Fast Do Razor Electric Skateboards Go?

The Fastest Razor Electric Skateboard

RazorX DLX 

This is going to be the fastest electric skateboard that Razor has to offer. It has a top speed of 12 mph with up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time on a full charge. The DLX skateboard is recommended for riders ages 9 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds.

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