MotoTec Sandman Kids Go Kart Review

MotoTec Sandman Kids Go Kart 49cc

MotoTec Sandman Kids Go Kart

What better way to get your kids outdoors than to take a ride down the trail on a kids off road go kart.  Introducing the MotoTec Sandman Kids Go Kart, is a 49cc gas go kart and it’s up to the task.  With it’s gas powered 49cc motor, you can expect to ride up to 20 miles per tank, and unlike an electric go kart you can just fill it up and keep riding for hours of fun! This kids go kart is great for on-road and off-road riding. Built to withstand rough rides by kids with front and rear bumpers.  The 9-inch ground clearance and direct chain drive provide for higher top speeds. The Sandman comes standard with 8-inch knobby tires, powerful axle-mounted vented rear disc brake, and a high-tensile frame.

Who is the MotoTec Sandman go kart designed for?

The MotoTec Sandman isn’t a really big go kart but is built strong.  It can handle riders up to 200 lbs.  It has a pretty good top speed so it is recommended that riders are age 9 and up and should have some experience. This gas go-kart is great for kids and adults.

How big is the Sandman kids go kart?

The Sandman dimensions are 52 x 32 x 16 and weighs 89 lbs.

How fast does the MotoTec Sandman 49cc kids go kart go?

The 49cc gas motor is controlled by a finger throttle giving you excellent control as you hit top speeds of up to 30 mph.

Where can you buy this go kart?

Here is where you can find the current price of the Mototec Sandman:

MotoTec Sandman Kids Go Kart Review


Sandman Kids Go Kart Specs & Features

  •  Engine: 49cc 2-stroke EPA Approved
  •  Transmission: Automatic centrifugal clutch with chain drive. (no gear reduction)
  •  Throttle: Finger Throttle
  •  Maximum Speed: 30 MPH (depending on the weight of the rider)
  •  Range: 20 Miles Per Tank
  •  Seat: included and foldable
  •  Seat Belt: Yes of course, safety is important!
  •  Brake System: Rear disc brake, axle mounted vented disc.
  •  Wheels: 8-inch Pneumatic Knobby Tires.
  •  Safety Flag: It’s included to provide better visibility
  •  Max rider weight: 200 lbs.
  •  Gas Tank: 1 liter – 32:1 oil mixture
  •  Product Dimensions: 52x30x14 inches
  •  Ground Clearance: 9 inches
  •  Product Weight: 89 lbs.
  •  Box Dimensions: 54x32x16 inches

Check out the MotoTec Sandman Go Kart in Action!

Safety First

Here at Wild Child Sports we are all about getting out and having lots of fun, but we always want you to be safe.  Always wear a helmet when riding and know and use the safety features provided like the brakes and seat belt.  Now go have some fun!

So what are you waiting for? Get your MotoTec Sandman kids off road go kart today!

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