The Real Meaning Behind RVCA Logos

RVCA Logos RVCA Logos – “Balance of Opposites”

The RVCA brand has had a huge impact on the entire action sports community. RVCA has definitely established a new norm as a clothing company and community supporter. Whether you are at surfing contest, skateboarding competition or mixed martial arts fight, you will see the RVCA logos just about everywhere.

RVCA Logos – What do they mean?

Now we wanted to answer one of the most frequently asked question about RVCA – What does RVCA mean? A few years ago an entire Q&A session was held by RVCA to answer all kinds of questions by its loyal followers. So we were able to get this question and many others answered by RVCA founder PM Tenore himself. Check out the entire Q&A session with PM Tenore. So let’s see exactly how he answered this question:

Q: Why did you name the brand RVCA?
A: Because of the chevrons: VΛ. It represents the “balance of opposites.” RVCA is just an ambiguous name to support the VΛ and message.

So there you have it, it’s really all about the chevrons and the balance of opposites that it represents. The word RVCA is nothing more than a random term to support the chevrons. Plus, when you look at most RVCA logos you will see that the chevrons (VΛ) tend to be the most dominant or noticeable part of the entire RVCA logo.

Here are a few other cool questions and answers about the RVCA brand:

Q: What sparked your idea to bring together the “balance of opposites” in your clothing?
A: Bruce Lee and his philosophy.

Q: What was your biggest inspiration behind the creation of the RVCA brand?
A: Bruce Lee and how not to segregate traditional culture. Do what you feel is right. Artist Network Program, MMA, skating, surfing, it’s all good.

Q: How do you feel when people pronounce the name of your company wrong? And how do you go about explaining to them it’s not R-V-C-A?
A: It’s any way that works for you. RVCA is an ambiguous name for the chevrons (VΛ) supporting the “balance of opposites.”

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