Fiik Electric Skateboards – Mini Fiik

Fiik Electric Skateboards – Mini Fiik 

Fiik Electric Skateboards - Mini Fiik


Check out the Mini Fiik by Fiik Skateboards

If you’ve done any research on electric skateboards, then more than likely you’ve come across a few different Fiik electric skateboards. Some of the Fiik electric skateboards include the Street Surfer, the Big Daddy and the Shortii to name a few. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Mini Fiik. And don’t be fooled by the name, this Fiik electric skateboard is super fun to ride and packs some serious punch!


Who is this Fiik electric skateboard designed for?

The Mini Fiik is designed for both kids and teenagers.

What is the top speed of the Mini Fiik?

The top speed of the Mini Fiik is 10 mph and you can plan on cruising for about about 12-13 miles on a full charge.

How much does the Mini Fiik cost?

Best Price:

This kids electric skateboard is going to run you around $500. However, Fiik Skateboards is currently offering this board on Amazon for less than 400 bucks!!!

Mini Fiik Kids Electric Skateboard Features

  • Bamboo skateboard deck
  • Lithium battery with a 150 minute charge time with standard charger
  • Smooth ramp up speed, super efficient drive and provides overload protection
  • Hub motor built within the wheel that moves in forward and reverse
  • Handheld digital remote that fits inside your pocket

Check out the Mini Fiik in Action


Fiik Electric Skateboards - Mini Fiik

Wild Child Sports

So what are you waiting for? Get your Mini Fiik electric skateboard today!

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