MotoTec Electric Drift Trike

MotoTec Electric Drift Trike

Mototec Electric Drift Trike by Mototec

Drifting on a trike used to be a downhill sport, but with the emergence of motorized drift trikes you can drift almost anywhere. The new MotoTec Motorized Drifter Trike delivers high power and speeds for the ultimate electric drift trike ride. Having a front powered wheel allows the rider to hold precise drifts versus a rear powered model. It includes long comfortable foot rests, front hydraulic disk brake, adjustable handle bars, a seat that folds down and easily changeable plastic disks around the rear tires, making this sporty drift trike a sweet and fun ride.

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Who is this MotoTec Drifter 48v Electric Trike designed for?

This electric drift trike is for riders 13 and older and a maximum rider weight of 240 pounds.

What is the top speed of this drift trike?

The top speed of the MotoTec Drifter 48v Electric Trike is 22 mph with a range of 20-25 miles on a full charge. This is one of the faster stock electric drift trikes currently on the market.

Where can you buy the Mototec Drifter?

This drift trike does have a slightly higher price tag when compared to other electric trikes. However, you are getting a faster trike and more heavy duty construction that allows for heavier riders. Here is where you can find the current price of this electric drift trike:

MotoTec Electric Drift Trike

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Mototec Electric Drift Trike Specs & Features

  • 500 watt brushless hub motor
  • Front hydraulic disc brakes
  • Climbing ability: 15 degrees
  • Charger included
  • Four 12v 12ah Batteries (48v total)
  • Battery life: Over 300 charges


Check out the MotoTec Electric Drift Trike in action!

So what are you waiting for? Get your MotoTec Drift Trike Today!

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