Gas Powered Mini Bike – Massimo MB200

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200

Gas Powered Mini Bike – Massimo MB200 Review 2020

Today, we are going to take a look at an awesome gas powered mini bike by Massimo. The Massimo MB200 is a fantastic entry level dirt bike for your up and coming rider but can also be a great mini bike for adults as well. One of the nicest things about this mini bike is that it will arrive at your house pre-assembled! Just attach your handlebars, add some gas and GO!

Who is this gas powered mini bike designed for?

The Massimo MB200 mini bike is recommended for riders ages 16 and up with a maximum rider weight of 200 pounds.

How big is the Massimo MB200 Mini Bike?

This gas powered mini bike weighs 152 pounds and is going to be a little bit larger than some mini dirt bikes. The total length of this mini bike is 66.1 inches which is about 5 and 1/2 feet.  At the widest point, which would be the handlebars is reaches a total width of 30.3 inches.  The height of the bike tops off at 40 inches and the seat sits at a comfortable 24 inches

As you can see, the MB200 mini bike is pretty big and weighs well over one hundred pounds. If you’re concerned about the size and weight, you may want to look at a few smaller options such as a Coleman Powersports Mini Bike or even a Razor Dirt Bike.

What is the top speed of this gas mini bike?

The top speed of the Massimo MB200 mini bike is 24 mph. Keep in my that the top speed of this bike can be affected by the weight of the rider.

What size engine does the Massimo MB200 have?

The Massimo MB200 has a 196cc four stroke engine that gives it 6.5 horse power.  This gives you plenty of power for all types of riding.  It has a recoil pull start system which basically means you start it like your lawn mower.  In many cases this makes it super easy.

How big is the gas tank on the MB200?

This mini bike comes with a .82 gallon gas tank.  Some have commented that they would like a bigger tank but it should get you a few hours of riding on a tank of gas.  This of course depends on your riding style and the terrain you are riding on.  For example if you are riding on maintained dirt roads that are basically flat you’ll get a lot better mileage than if you are riding up and down hills on rough terrain.

What about the tires, wheels and brakes?

As you can tell by the pictures the tires are nice and wide.  Perfect for providing a sufficient amount of traction in rough or loose terrains.  The large wheel size of 19 7/8 inches offers a nice smooth ride when hitting the small bumps along the trails.  The mini bike comes with a rear drum brake that will assist in stopping safely while on your ride.   If you are looking for more details you can check out the Massimo MB200 owners manual here.  All around it’s a pretty good gas powered mini bike, but if you do run into problems Massimo Motors offers a six month warranty on parts and labor.

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200

How much does the Massimo MB200 Mini Bike cost?

Mini bikes have a pretty wide range when it comes to cost.  We’ve seen some starting around $250 and going all the way up to over 1,000 bucks depending on the brand and model and other factors.  Some of the factors that will affect the cost are things like whether it is an electric mini bike or a gas powered mini bike.  The gas powered mini bikes tend to run a little higher in price.  This mini bike has one of the larger motors for a mini bike too and also ends up on the more expensive side of the range. Here is where you can find the current price of the MB200 mini bike:

Camo Massimo Warrior 200

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200 - Camo

Black Massimo Warrior 200

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200 - Black

Red Massimo Warrior 200

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200 - Red

Quicksand Massimo Warrior 200

Gas Powered Mini Bike - Massimo MB200 - Quicksand

Check out the Massimo Mini Bike in ACTION!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Massimo MB200 TODAY!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Massimo MB200 Mini Bike Review! Be sure to check out some of the other great mini dirt bikes available through Wild Child Sports!

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