Holiday Toy List 2020 – Action Sports

Holiday Toy List 2020

Holiday Toy List 2020 – Outdoor & Action Sports

With the holiday season just around the corner, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of our favorite outdoor and action sports products. This Holiday Toy List 2020 will be sure to deliver a number of different gift ideas for extreme sports enthusiasts both young and old! Our list will be showcasing things like kids electric ATVs, mini dirt bikes, electric skateboards and drift trikes. The Wild Child Crew takes a look at the past year to review our best selling outdoor and action sports toys. We are also checking out any cool new products that are launching as the holiday season kicks off.

Here’s a look at some of our most popular product reviews for 2020. This can be another great way for you to make sure that you are getting the best toys for your adrenaline junkie!

Let’s go ahead and take a look at our Holiday Toy List 2020!

Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath

If you’re looking for a budget friendly electric dirt bike, you can’t go wrong with the Razor SX500. We love the cool green/black color combo and the Jeremy McGrath graphics. This is one nice looking mini bike!

  • Top speed of the Razor SX350 is 15 mph
  • 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • Designed for riders ages 14 and up with a maximum rider weight of 175 pounds

Jeremy McGrath SX500 Razor Dirt Bike


Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath

Another really popular Razor dirt bike for this holiday season is the Razor SX350. The SX350 is a scaled down, smaller version of the SX500. You get the same awesome color combo and graphic. The main difference is that this mini bike is designed for younger, smaller riders.

  • Top speed of the Razor SX350 is 14 mph
  • 30 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • Designed for riders ages 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 140 pounds

Razor SX350 Jeremy McGrath Dirt Bike


Rollplay Nighthawk

Here’s a look at a really fun ride on toy, the Rollplay Nighthawk. This kids ride on toy twists, turns and glides providing your child with hours of outdoor fun! Be sure to check it out our full review of the Rollplay Nighthawk. In the meantime, here are some of the main features of this toy:

  • Top speed of the Nighthawk is 6.5 mph
  • 70-90 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • Charge time for this electric ride on toy is 8-12 hours
  • Designed for riders ages 6 and up with a maximum rider weight of 110 pounds

12 Volt Ride On Toy - Rollplay Nighthawk


Razor MX650 – The Biggest and Fastest Razor Electric Dirt Bike

Razor dirt bikes are consistently some of the hottest toys year after year. Here’s where you can read more about the MX650 and see why this is such an awesome electric dirt bike! We’ve been seeing some really good prices on this specific mini bike.

  • Razor MX650 top speed is 17 mph
  • Range of up to 10 miles or 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • The Razor MX650 is designed for riders ages 16 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds

Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike


Razor Dirt Quad

The Razor Dirt Quad is the most fun that you will have on four wheels. If you’re look for a bigger, faster Razor quad, you might also want to check out the Razor Dirt Quad 500. Check out comparison review of the Razor Dirt Quad VS Dirt Quad 500. Here are some of the specs and features of the Dirt Quad:

  • Razor Dirt Quad top speed is 8-10 mph
  • Run time for the Dirt Quad is 40 minutes on a full charge
  • Recommended for riders ages 8 and older with a maximum rider weight of 120 pounds

Razor Dirt Quad


RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

This is another one of Razor’s newest products. The RazorX DLX is great electric skateboard for beginner riders but is also an affordable option for someone with a little bit more experience.

  • RazorX DLX has a top speed of 12 mph
  • 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • Maximum rider weight is 220 pounds

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard


Triad Drift Trikes

Another surefire winner around the holidays are Triad Drift Trikes.

Holiday Toy List 2018 - Action Sports


Wild Child Sports

Thanks for stopping by and checking our Holiday Toy List 2020! Be sure to check back for updates on new products as the holiday season gets in full swing!

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