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Best Drift Trikes 2018 – Triad Drift Trikes

Best Drift Trikes 2018Best Drift Trikes 2018


Triad Performance Drift Trikes – Best Drift Trikes 2018

If you have never heard of trike drifting then you are most definitely missing out on one of the coolest extreme sports! The Wild Child Crew wants to introduce you to one of the true innovators of drift trikes – Triad Performance Drift Trikes. Today, we want to showcase to you three of the best drift trikes 2018 currently on the market – the Triad Syndicate, Notorious and Underworld.

If you’re new to trike drifting and not sure what type of drift trike is best for you, be sure to take a look at our Drift Trike Buyers Guide.

Triad Performance Drift Trikes Specs

Let’s take a closer look at the product specs of these Triad drift trikes.

  • The entire Triad drift trike lineup is ergonomically designed by professional engineers who understand trike drifting.
  • These drift trikes are manufactured with rigorous supervision to secure the quality demanded by serious drift-trike riders and professionals.
  • All models are equipped with the highest quality parts and components available for drift trikes.
  • Triad drift trikes are made of a lightweight alloy main frame and uses a triple down tube to help withstand heavy vibration and shock.
  • 36 spoke alloy double wall BMX rims are used for optimal control and speed.
  • One of the most important components of the Triad drift trikes are the hydraulic two-piston disc brake that provides the strongest stopping power, which is essential for any type of extreme drifting.

How much do Triad Performance Drift Trikes cost?

The price tag for one of these Triad drift trikes is going to have a lot to do with the specific model that you want. The Underworld is going to be the cheapest option, the Notorious will be your mid-range option and the most expensive, high end option is the Syndicate.

Underworld 3 Triad Drift Trike

Best Price: $ 249.43

The Triad Underworld 3 is going to run you somewhere between $290 and $320. The Underworld 3 is available in four different color combinations – Black/Grey, Blue/Neon Yellow, Blue Chrome and Glow in the Dark Nuclear Yellow. Check out the current pricing of the Triad Underworld 3.

Triad Underworld 3 Features

  • Lotus racing seat
  • Sentinel axle platform
  • Cool matte finish
  • 36 spoke alloy rim
  • ABEC 5 rear bearings

Best Drift Trikes 2018

Here’s a quick overview video of the Triad Underworld 3


Notorious 3 Triad Drift Trike

Best Price: $ 338.38

Next, let’s take a look at the Triad Notorious 3. The Notorious 3 is going to run you somewhere between $375 and $400. Colors available for the Notorious 3 include black, red and green. View the best deals on the Triad Notorious 3.

Triad Notorious 3 Features

  • Ergonomic Lotus seat
  • 20% wider Sentinel axle platform
  • 49er drift wheels
  • Anodized 36 spoke alloy rim
  • ABEC 7 rear bearings

Best Drift Trikes 2018


Here’s a quick overview of the Notorious 3 Drift Trike

Syndicate 3 Triad Drift Trike

Best Price: $ 458.99

Last but not least is the Triad Syndicate 3The Syndicate is the biggest, baddest drift trike currently on the market! This high performance drift trike is going to run you somewhere between $470 and $500 and is available in black/purple and teal/red. Learn more about the Triad Syndicate 3.

Triad Syndicate 3 Features

  • Quick release adjustable seat
  • Triad padded seat liner
  • 20% wider Sentinel axle platform
  • Anodized 50 mm wheel with matching anodized parts
  • ABEC 9 rear bearings

Best Drift Trikes 2018CHECK IT OUT

Check out the Triad drift trikes in action!

Wild Child SportsThe Triad lineup of drift trikes is without a doubt one of the best drift trikes 2018. Remember that trike drifting and the entire Triad drift trike lineup will provide hours of fun for action sports enthusiasts both young and old! Another great option for your younger, up and coming trike drifter might be the Triad Counter Measure drift trike. Check it out now!

Triad Countermeasure 2


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