Off Road Electric Scooter for Kids

Off road scooters for kids are the perfect way to get them outside and exploring. These scooters are built for tough terrain, so they can take on anything your little one throws at them. With an off road scooter, your child will be able to go anywhere they want.

In the past few years, electric scooters became all the rage. You can’t visit a college campus, visit a downtown metro area, or even walk through your neighborhood without seeing someone zipping by on one – and for good reason! Electric scooters are a fast, affordable, energy-efficient and an honestly fun way to get around! Now it’s time to take that energy off the sidewalk and into the dirt with these awesome off road electric scooters for kids. Whether you need to get some where off the beaten path or just want to show off to friends, these are the scooters for you!

Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

razor rx200 electric off road scooter

Recommended Age:13+
Top Speed: 12mph
Battery: 12V (2)
Weight Capacity: 154lbs
Battery Life: 40min

This off-road electric scooter from Razor is the perfect starting scooter for a kid looking to hit the dirt. It is an extremely durable option with a relatively low top speed of 12 miles per hour to keep things safe even while having tons of fun. Twin 12V batteries also help make this an option with longevity. The scooter also comes with on/off road tires so you won’t have to switch anything out. Built tough to withstand the great outdoors, this is a great choice for any young adventurer!


Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter

Recommended Age:14+
Top Speed:18.6mph
Weight Capacity:220lbs
Battery Life:Unknown (26mi range)

Now if you’re looking for an off road electric scooter for kids that comes with all the bells and whistles, look no further. The Blackhawk model from Hover-1 is an electric scooter designed with convenience in mind. The scooter features a removable battery for easy charging and is water resistant (rated IP54) so you can take it out rain or shine without fear. Also, the 10-inch pneumatic tires are self-healing  so you can spend less time changing out the tires and more time hitting the trails! Plus, with a weight capacity of 220lbs, this isn’t just an off road electric scooter for kids but also the adults in the family who want a turn as well!


Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Razor e325 electric scooter

Recommended Age:13+
Top Speed:15mph
Battery:12V (2)
Weight Capacity:220lbs
Battery Life:40min

Always a mainstay in the electric scooter world, Razor offers up another great option with the E325. This one is built to take even more of a beating with an increased weight limit of 220lbs. This multi-purpose scooter is great for cruising down the sidewalk or venturing over more rugged terrain. Twist acceleration controls and a hand-operated break make learning to use this scooter both easy and intuitive. There are few ways that you could go wrong with an electric scooter like this as your pick!


For some, the road is enough. For others, they have to take a less well-worn path. Any of these off road electric scooters for kids would be an excellent gift or practical means of transportation in the immediate area… or both! Sometimes you head off the road because your destination requires it, sometimes you just want to have a little fun. Either way, any of these scooters can get you there! Be sure to check out some of the other great thrill-seeking equipment and product reviews we have here at Wild Child Sport!

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