Razor GFD Fury Go Kart

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Razor GFD Fury Go Kart

If you are looking for a Razor go kart with a little extra “flash”, be sure and check out the Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury. The GFD Fury go kart features a very similar style go kart frame and Super Slider rear wheels as the Ground Force Drifter. The Razor GFD Fury adds some serious flash with its unique Spark Bar that leaves a shower of sparks in its wake. Take your power slides, fish tails and fast 180’s to a whole new level with this Razor go kart!

How fast does the Razor GFD Fury go?

The Razor GFD Fury top speed is 12 mph with a maximum rider weight of 140 pounds.

Specs of the Razor GFD Fury

  • Unique Spark Bar to add a shower or sparks
  • Race tuned go kart chassis
  • Super slick rear wheels for serious drifting
  • Powerful variable speed, chain-driven motor
  • Thumb trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake
  • Recommended for ages 8 and older

Check out the Razor GFD Fury go kart in action!

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