All Terrain Longboard – StairRover

All Terrain Longboard – StairRover

All Terrain Longboard - StairRover


StairRover All Terrain Longboard by Allrover

Bombing down stairs is no longer a problem with the all terrain longboard by Allrover. The StairRover is unlike any other longboard currently on the market. It uses a unique eight-wheeled mechanism and V-frame to cruise easily on smooth surfaces and down flights of stairs.

Let’s get into the details of one of the best all terrain longboards for 2017!

All Terrain Longboard - StairRover

How much does the Allrover StairRover Longboard cost?

This longboard is going to run you around $200. 

StairRover All Terrain Longboard Specs & Features

  • 6 ply maple deck with handle
  • 50 degree customized aluminum trucks
  • Thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers
  • 60mm 80a wheels
  • Weight of 9 pounds

Check out the StairRover in Action!

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So what are you waiting for? Get your Allrover StairRover today!

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