Best Electric Scooter With Training Wheels

Nowadays you can hardly walk through a cityscape or suburb without seeing electric scooters zooming from place to place. They can be a fun, affordable, and safe way to get to where you need to go within short distances which has made them ideal for colleges, neighborhoods, and other small communities. Still, not everyone is completely comfortable balancing on a scooter yet and so they may opt for looking for an electric scooter with training wheels. Having three wheels can help provide extra balance and support which can be much appreciated. Whether for a young child just starting to find their balance or just someone who needs a little extra stability on their ride around, these are some of the best electric scooters with training wheels or stabilizing wheels for both kids and adults!

Best Starter Scooter with Training Wheels

ScootHop Electric Scooter

ScootHop Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 2-8

Age Range:2-8 Years
Top Speed: 3.7 mph
Weight Capacity:110lbs

This electric scooter with training wheels from ScootHop is a fun and safe way to introduce your little one to riding an electric scooter. The ScootHop is extremely safety-focused. A top speed of 3.7mph, a limited range of under 5 miles, and a slow-break to prevent jerking stops are all some of the features included to keep kids safe while riding. It also features light up wheels and a cute design that any toddler is sure to love.


Best Scooter for Young Kids with Training Wheels

Allek B02 Kick Scooter

Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean 'N Glide Scooter

Age Range: 3-12 Years
Top Speed:N/A
Weight Capacity:132lbs

This is an electric scooter that grows with your child. The handles have 3 preset and unlimited manual adjustment up to 33″ off the ground. It’s higher weight limit also means that it can continue being used by your kid as they continue to grow bigger and taller. Plus, with light-up wheels and five different colors to choose from, you can really make this electric scooter your own!


Best Scooter for Teens with Training Wheels

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Age Range:6+ Years
Top Speed:N/A
Weight Capacity:143lbs

Though the Razor DeltaWing is rated for as young as 6, it is an excellent choice for a teen rider who may still want a little extra support while riding around. The unique design not only provides extra stability, but actually assists in helping the DeltaWing make even tighter turns than a traditional electric scooter would be able to. This design is also great for both drifting and spinning which makes it a versatile choice that can be a ton of fun even once you get the hang of it!

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Best Electric Scooter with Training Wheels for Adults

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter

Age Range:18+
Top Speed:15.5mph
Weight Capacity:220lbs

Though usually called stabilizing wheels when referring to scooters for adults, there are adult electric scooters that use training wheels for extra stability as well. Don’t be fooled though, this electric scooter isn’t for kids. The powerful battery allows this scooter to travel up to 15.5mph and up to 24 miles making it a great choice for short trips around your living area. The intelligent LED heads-up display shows you speed, battery life, mode, and mileage to keep you informed throughout your ride. It also features a safe combination lock to make sure your scooter stays safe wherever you take it.


Here at Wild Child Sports, we hope that this short list will help guide you in the right direction for finding the best electric scooter with training wheels designed for your specific needs. Having training or stabilizing wheels on your electric scooter can help provide both physical support and confidence in the rider as they go about their day. Whether a young child or a seasoned adult who just want a little extra stability on their ride, there is a scooter out there for you!

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