Drift Skates – What are they?

What are Drift Skates?

Drift Skates


Drift skates (also known as free skates) are a lot of fun! You can tell by the design itself that this is going to be a pretty challenging extreme sport. Drift skating is a combination of skateboarding and inline skating with a touch of castorboarding (check out the Razor RipStik). The first thing that you’ll notice about a pair of drift skates are the two separate decks or platforms. These decks are usually made of either wood or aluminium. Next, you’ll see the trucks that are attached to the bottom of each of the decks. There are two arms to each truck and face opposite directions. Lastly, are the wheels, very similar to your typical skateboard wheel.

How much do drift skates cost?

The price of a pair of drift skate has a lot do with the overall quality and construction. Prices start as low as $30 and can go up to over $100.

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